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snaptshot with p2000 SMU

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snaptshot with p2000 SMU

We got a p2000 g3 SAS, linux will be instaled in it.. booting from the storage..


I know p2000 SMU has a option for snapshot.


the thing is, what filesystem type should I use? can I have regular ext3 partition or do I need LVM? 

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Re: snaptshot with p2000 SMU

LVM is not a filesystem type, although there is a partition type ID reserved for it. Like a partition table, it is an optional disk management solution... although you cannot have your /boot partition on LVM because of the limitations of BIOS-based bootloaders.


LVM can use traditional partitions (and that is what you must do on a system disk) or use the entire disk, completely omitting a partition table. You're free to use any filesystem type you wish on top of LVM in either case. A LVM logical volume can extend to multiple physical disk, and even onto multiple storage systems.


That said, snapshots are a LVM feature, so yes, you are going to need LVM.