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Startup Issues /vmunix

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Startup Issues /vmunix

Hello All,

I'm more of a Windows guy myself but our company has a few older HP-UX machines that carry some programming that we need. One of these machines was sprouting some issues when we went to boot into it and I had a fresh ignite tape that we had taken about a month ago. We ran the ignite tape and there seemed to be errors with that as well but now when I go to boot into Unix it keeps giving me an error that reads "failed to locate /stand/vmunix or /vmunix". Is there a way to load this back into the system without losing our files? I have a HP-UX 10.20 ACE disk if that will help with the process any.


Re: Startup Issues /vmunix

Hello incaltech,

You may try boot the server using the recovery shell (using tape/OS cd) and see if we have the files inside /stand directory including vmunix. f the files are present, then you may check and correct the BDRA if they are not in proper state and try reboot the server.



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