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status of hardware in HpUx


status of hardware in HpUx

Hi all, 


We would like to know a HP Utility or any Unix command that can give the exact status of PCI Gigabit Ethernet cable (lan cable) We had tried to execute

'lanscan' & 'ioscan -fnC lan'. 


The status appears to be the same when the cable is plugged & unplugged and also when the lan is disabled & enabled via SAM tool.

Kindly suggest a solution. It would be of great help if you can share your knowledge for obtaining the status of the below hardware too.
1) Bus Adapters 2) USB Interface 3) USB root hub 4) RS-232 Interface

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Re: status of hardware in HpUx

To see the status of your LAN, whether it is connected or not, you need to use lanscan and lanadmin.


First run lanadmin and see what lan cards you have.  Note the number under the "Crd In#" column.


Now use that number with the lanadmin command.


To check the speed and duplex setting you use 'lanadmin -x'.  For example:


# lanadmin -x 1
Speed = 1000 Full-Duplex.
Autonegotiation = On.


You can check other values by using 'lanadmin -g'.  For example:


# lanadmin -g 1

Thu, Apr 16,2015 08:31:33

PPA Number = 1
Description = lan1 HP PCI Core I/O 1000Base-T Release B.11.31.1307
Type (value) = ethernet-csmacd(6)
MTU Size = 1500
Speed = 1000000000
Station Address = 0x00306e4a72fc
Administration Status (value) = up(1)
Operation Status (value) = up(1)
Last Change = 440
Inbound Octets = 113184355
Inbound Unicast Packets = 78880
Inbound Non-Unicast Packets = 44648
Inbound Discards = 0
Inbound Errors = 0
Inbound Unknown Protocols = 107
Outbound Octets = 14034349
Outbound Unicast Packets = 25447
Outbound Non-Unicast Packets = 254
Outbound Discards = 0
Outbound Errors = 0
Outbound Queue Length = 0
Specific = 655367

Ethernet-like Statistics Group

Index = 2
Alignment Errors = 0
FCS Errors = 0
Single Collision Frames = 0
Multiple Collision Frames = 0
Deferred Transmissions = 0
Late Collisions = 0
Excessive Collisions = 0
Internal MAC Transmit Errors = 0
Carrier Sense Errors = 0
Frames Too Long = 0
Internal MAC Receive Errors = 0


Re: status of hardware in HpUx

Hello Friend,


Please do me a favor, list the commands which and all used to know the other hardware status which i mentioned.


Thanks in Advance