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Re: swinstall hangs

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swinstall hangs


I have a HP-UX B.11.11 box and i have mounted
a file system remotely on it. The remotely mounted file system contains some ".depot" file which I need to install.

On issuing the following command:--
swinstall -s /file \*

I am getting the following message:--

======= 03/23/03 21:45:41 IST BEGIN swinstall SESSION
(non-interactive) (jobid=ldap-h34-1411)

* Session started for user "root@ldap-h34".

* Beginning Selection
* Target connection succeeded for "ldap-h34:/".

and it stays there and does not proceed further. Since I am new to HP I am unable to predict what has gone wrong. The same command works fine on another HP UX box which too has the same filesystem mounted remotely. The logs have not shown any error messages

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

With Regards

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Re: swinstall hangs

Hi Sunil,

Can you enter into the mounted directory and look at the contents?. NFS may be hanging. Look for "NFS Server Not responding" messages in dmesg.

Either you can copy .depot file from the remote system onto the local one or prepare a depot on the remote system and then access it through swinstall. To make it as a standard depot, do the following on the remote system.

#cd /where_the_depot_is
#mkdir depot
#cd depot
#tar xvf ../yourproduct.depot
#touch catalog/swlock
#swreg -l depot /(full path to the depot directory you created)

On the local system, invoke 'swinstall' interactive session. Select the target system as the remote system and the target directory as the above.

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Re: swinstall hangs

Hi Sunil,

check you can write as root on the NFS mounted directory

Use the -x write_remote_files=true option in the swinstall command.

# swinstall -x write_remote_files=true -s /file \*

Kind regards,

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Re: swinstall hangs

You don't need to be able to write to the remote directory to do the install.

A different investigation path is to look at your local swagent.log file for information.

What is the nature of the depot you are trying to install.

Steven E Protter
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Re: swinstall hangs

SD-UX has its own network interface that allows patch depot installations between servers. Here's an example:

swinstall -s hostname:/sd_depot/ux_appl_UX_SYSAD

Regarding your hanging problem wiht swinstall, its not unusal for SD-UX to hang, it happens to everyone. Here are some basic debug commands:

mwa stop (* mostly obsolete with 11.00 *)

swagentd -k (* stop SD-UX daemon *)

Check for and remove
rm /var/adm/sw/products/swlock

swagentd -r (* restart *)

"rpccp show mapping" (* If this hangs then call HP Response Center or reboot *)

Permission on /etc/hosts = 664

nslookup hostname (* of server *)
nslookup ip (* verify *)

/etc/resolv.conf (* verify *)

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