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taking backup with tar

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taking backup with tar

Hi guys, i wanted to know as to how much data can i backup with tar. Lets say if a filesystem is 4 gb can i use tar to take a backup on linux for that. Or for that reason is there any other internal utility like tar or something with which i can take the backup.
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Re: taking backup with tar

From memory, 'tar' it's self isn't limited to 2GB.. I'm pretty sure it's got a 2TB limimt.

I've made multi-GB archives plenty of times, but remember to compress to get better usage out of your filesystem.

'tar' (even GNU's) is limited however. It cannot back up device nodes, or socket's, or named pipes.

If youw ant to truely make a filesystem backup, look at CPIO or a real backup software package (any of the super tars, amanda, or the big commercial products).
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