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TCB appears to be locked.

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TCB appears to be locked.

One of our admins took what was supposed to be a "golden" Ignite-UX tape image and re-gen'd an old "sandbox" machine for testing. Appparently the system can be (console) accessed when cold booted to single user mode though not when the system is allowed to boot unattended.

Is there an easy method to unlock the TCB db when cold booted into single user mode?


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Re: TCB appears to be locked.

>>though not when the system is allowed to boot unattended

What message do you get when you try to access the system? What user are you trying to log in as?

When booted in single-user mode, you can unlock users easily, but you would need to mount some additional directories first.

When in single user mode:

# mount /usr
# mount /tmp
# mount /var

To unlock a user:

# /usr/lbin/modprpw -k

To check the status of a user:

# /usr/lbin/getprpw -m lockout

If the lockout string is anything except 0000000, then the user is locked.