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TCOE not on June 2008 HP-UX 11i v2 DVD's ?

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TCOE not on June 2008 HP-UX 11i v2 DVD's ?


I have a rx2600 and a rx4640 running March 2004 TCOE and need to upgrade them to June 2008 TCOE.


My problem is that I've tried a couple of ways to upgrade, but after each, I'm seeing the version of TCOE shown by swlist is still at the old version, altough associated products/bundles are showing the later version.


I've followed the instructions in the December 2007 Install & Update Guide and also note that the contents list included in the booklet with the June'08 Core DVD pack does indicate TCOE shoule be available to install.


I have installed the August 2004 Bundle11i as required and things looked good-to-go for an upgrade.


I have tried using both versions of the update-ux command indicated in the book (page 119 and 121) to try and get a 'plain' upgrade and one including matched packages/bundles.


I've re-ignited our rx4640 back each time before trying anything new, so don't think I'm getting any problems with overlapping versions either.


When I've just tried once more, using the simple;  /usr/sbin/update-ux  -s /SD_CDROM HPUX11i-TCOE

it goes through all the motions and I see it pick various components okay - BUT - v.shortly after asking for the second DVD to be mounted, I've noticed an error message that states;


ERROR: Could not apply the software selection "HPUX11i-TCOE"; it is not available from depot or root "beaver:/SD_CDROM"


I might be a doubting Thomas, but I reckon this could be a good clue as to why I'm not seeing the version of TCOE showing by swlist as being upgraded but all the associated products/bundles are?


Does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts/comments about this seemingly missing OE?


(I do have a S/W support call open with HP too, but have just found out the guy who was progressing it has ended up ill in hospital and am currently getting another support guy up to speed to take the call over.)


Many thanks for any help - all responses will illicit some points!





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Re: TCOE not on June 2008 HP-UX 11i v2 DVD's ?

According to the last TC-OE release was on Feb. 2007, so my guess is the error message is correct, it is not on that DvD.


You can use 'swlist' with the '-d' option to list the content of the dvd on a running box and search for TC-OE.



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Re: TCOE not on June 2008 HP-UX 11i v2 DVD's ?

Hi Stephan and many thanks for responding so quickly.


I've taken a look at the content of all the various years DVD's we have here, and can't see anything other than FOE on them all.


(The DVD's do actually state "Foundation Operating Environment" on them, which could be a BIG clue of course!).


HP L2 guys in Canada are still trying to investigate why the upgrade has not done the TCOE part, even though I've now suggested to them the reason might well be because TCOE is not on the DVD's I've got here.  I await their response with some interest.





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Re: TCOE not on June 2008 HP-UX 11i v2 DVD's ?

Hi again Stephan/everyone;


I think the problem really is that we're not using the correct media kit :-(


This page lists the available part codes for the media kits ...


From this I can see that we should be using 5013-8361 and 5013-8362, but we're actually trying to use 5013-8359 and 5013-8360.


Am now trying to source the TCOE media kit.

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Re: TCOE not on June 2008 HP-UX 11i v2 DVD's ?

Hi Paul,

the answer could be interesting depending on the skill level of the supporter ... ;-)


If you only have Foundation OE dvd's you are pretty out of luck - the bigger bundles like TC-OE or MC-OE contains the smaller ones like E-OE or F-OE but not vice versa.


Perhaps they can provide you a download if you have the required support contract for TC-OE.