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usr directory is full

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usr directory is full



What can I do in order to avoid /usr directory from explosion? (bdf - more then 90%)





Re: usr directory is full



On a properly configured HP-UX box, the /usr filesystem should be pretty much static. It should only increase in size if you install patches and/or new products (and not many should new products go in /usr).


If your /usr filesystem is constantly growing then you need to find out what is writing to it and move it somewhere else.

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Re: usr directory is full

1) try to find/remove any core files

2) du -sk /usr/* | sort -nr | head   #?

3) resize fs?




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Re: usr directory is full

/usr will grow whenever you add additional products and files. The most important thing to do is to locate the big directories, like this:


     du -kx /usr | sort -rn | head -20


This will show you where the biggest directories are located. You have to determine if those directories are the correct size or that perhaps (a bad program) has stored a log file there. Otherwise, /usr will have to be expanded in size. 1000 MB is OK for 11.00 and earlier, but very small for 11.11 or higher. At 11.31, 4000 MB is required to keep from overflowing. But this alll depends on what you are installing.


Post a copy of: bdf /usr and the above du command.

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Re: usr directory is full

Please find the attached result.

This is B.10.20...




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Re: usr directory is full

I don't sure the attachment is there.

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Re: usr directory is full

I will paste it:


1. du result:


8     /usr/lost+found

4     /usr/bin/xpg4

4046  /usr/bin/X11

2     /usr/bin/posix

3     /usr/bin/cue.etc

20707 /usr/bin

32    /usr/sbin/vhe

1669  /usr/sbin/hpC2400

272   /usr/sbin/acct

75    /usr/sbin/ncs/perf

1248  /usr/sbin/ncs

1     /usr/sbin/core

976   /usr/sbin/diag/lif

987   /usr/sbin/diag

245   /usr/sbin/stm/dev

2205  /usr/sbin/stm/lib

449   /usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/sys

977   /usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/tools/decode

805   /usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/tools/diagnose

5138  /usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/tools/exercise


2. bdf result:


Filesystem          kbytes    used   avail %used Mounted on

/dev/vg00/lvol3      83733   63386   11973   84% /

/dev/vg00/lvol1      47829   15260   27786   35% /stand

/dev/vg00/lvol8     490645  399824   41756   91% /usr

/dev/vg00/lvol7      30597     292   27245    1% /tmp

/dev/vg00/lvol5     598357  259054  279467   48% /opt

/dev/vg00/lvol4      19861      18   17856    0% /home

/dev/vg01/lvol1    8884224 7323156 1515611   83% /disk2

hmb6:/scc          4007201 3017890  588590   84% /tmp_mnt/net/hmb6/scc




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Re: usr directory is full

>/dev/vg00/lvol8     490645  399824   41756   91% /usr


These don't seem to match.  The du(1) output seems to be around 40 Mb and here it says you have 400 Mb used.

You probably have a unlinked file still open.  You'll need to download and use lsof to see which process has it opened.


>I don't sure the attachment is there.


You probably need a .txt suffix.  You might as well delete those two "empty" posts.

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