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/var space hp ux 11.31

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/var space hp ux 11.31

Hi , Its occyping more space,can we remove the older file from the path /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/  in HPux 11.31 ,  to reduce the space in /var


-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      61218816 Mar 16 14:17 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247324/247353
-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      66289664 Jun  5 11:58 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247403/16408
-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      1073741824 Dec  8  2012 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247461/247471.2
-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      1073741824 Feb 28  2013 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247461/247471.3
-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      1073741824 Nov 24  2013 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247461/247471.6
-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      1073741824 Feb 24 11:24 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247461/247471.7
-rw-------   1 sfmdb      users      1073741824 May 24 13:53 /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247461/247471.8

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Re: /var space hp ux 11.31

I had this issue a couple years ago.


These files are database files for the Postgres database. The growth of these files could be due to a hardware problem that is being reported to the hardware monitors, which you should look into.


SFM uses the PS database to log the events. The log files can be cleared with an unsupported tool sfmdbinfo utility.  HP Support can provide that tool.  The tool didn't work for me, as the embedded uid password in the utility didn't match up with what we had.


As a work around, I did the following (use at your own risk):


Stopped the psbdb database

#/sbin/init.d/psbdb stop


see if sfmdb is stopped

#ps -ef | grep -i sfmdb


#cd /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/247461


make sure files are closed

#lsof 247471*


pick the oldest file (247471.2), make sure it's on backup, or make a backup copy somewhere


#cat /dev/null > 247471.2


start it back up

#/sbin/init.d/psbdb start


See if sfm is running

#ps -ef | grep -i sfmdb





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Re: /var space hp ux 11.31

Also you can take a look on superseeded patches which may utilizse "/var" space frequestly we need to perform

clean up time to time after patching


cleanup -p -c1 > /tmp/superseded.txt [ preview mode you can see how much space will be free and what patches superceeded by what]


Actual Cleanup [ This will ask for Commit "y" ]
cleanup -c1

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