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VNC setting.....

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VNC setting.....


I am just now starting to use the VNC on my RH 5.3 systems. I love how I can access all my Linux boxes from my windows PC by way of the VNCviewer. I was wondering if there is a way to see what the person at the console is seeing? Its appears as if when you login via the VNCviewer you get a separate desktop instance. Does anyone out there know if there is a configure setting I can add into a xstartup file to enable me to remotely view the active console?
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Re: VNC setting.....

you can installed vnc rpm and it will execute /usr/local/bin/x11vnc

you also need vnc viewer at your windows box
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Re: VNC setting.....

The path /usr/local/bin/x11vnc indicates avizen9's x11vnc tool did not come from a RedHat standard package.

It's probably based on this source:

The FAQ says here are pre-built third-party binary packages of x11vnc:

A little bit of background information:
The X11 protocol is not at all compatible with the VNC protocol, because they're designed very differently:

- the X11 protocol gives remote applications a way to draw directly to user's screen

- the VNC protocol is intended to transmit a copy of a whole existing screen display to another location.

The simplest way to build a VNC server for X11 was to start with a "virtual" X server that has no local physical display at all. This is what is included to RedHat as standard.

A more tricky approach was required to "piggy-back" to the display of an existing X server and translate+transmit the content of the screen to a VNC client. This is what x11vnc apparently does.

Apparently RedHat judged x11vnc as not mature enough for adding to RHEL 5. Perhaps it will be included to RHEL 6? Even Debian has it in its current stable distribution by now...

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Re: VNC setting.....

I just instlled 5.4 on my machine and vncserver comed with it.
I just followed following instructions and it worked for me

on the linux
$server vncserver start
$vncserver :
$vncpasswd - this to acceess the machine on this port

change the .vnc/xstartup file to add startkde & at the end

On the windows side I installed vnc client
and accessed it.

you need to disable the firewall though.
OR add the port under system security settings.