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weird nfs / serviceguard issue

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weird nfs / serviceguard issue

I have an nfs server that is exporting several filesystems ..


In addtion to the server exporting it is also a client that needs to mount one of the filesystems.


out of 6 nfs mounts , 1 does not work.


One mount gives me the following error:


cd /nfs1/test

touch rleon
touch: rleon cannot create


On any of the other mounts no error:

cd /nfs2/test

touch rleon
ls -l rleon
-rw-r--r--   1 root       sys              0 Oct 17 13:10 rleon
 rm rleon


The weird part is that /nfs1/test works fine on any other nfs client that mounts that export.

The issue follows the nfs serviceguard packge that is in charge of exporting the mounts.

So if I failover the server that is running the package in question gives me permission denied and the failover works.


Any ideas?

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Re: weird nfs / serviceguard issue

What user are you logged in as when running your 'touch' command? If you are root, are the file systems exported so that root has permission on the file systems?

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Re: weird nfs / serviceguard issue

I am logged in as root


filesystems are exported so root has permissions ..


what is weird here is all of the filesytems are exported the same.



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Re: weird nfs / serviceguard issue



all the NFS issues I met, it was only confusion of the hostname in /etc/hosts

try to add option readwrite with both SG node's IP in dfstab of your NFS server.

check also IP and hostname in /etc/hosts of your NFS server.