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What is golden image

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What is golden image

pleae clarify what is the difference between golden image and ignite backup

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Re: What is golden image

Ignite-UX is a tool supplied with HP-UX to do initial installation of HP-UX systems Ignite-UX is intended to address the need of end user customers to perform system installations and deployment, often on a large scale. It provides the means for creating and reusing standard system configurations. It provides the ability to archive a standard system configuration, and to use that archive to replicate systems, with the added benefit of speeding up the process. It also permits post-installation customizations, and is capable of both interactive and unattended operating modes.


Golden Images
A system that has been installed and tuned may be used to create an image. That image may be used as a custom configuration that may be applied in installations to other systems.



1. A Golden Image is a compressed archive of an entire installed and configured system (Golden System).
2. Administrators create Golden Images to ease the installation process for multiple installs.
3. Golden Systems may vary from site to site and may contain patches, kernel parameter settings, common software, and spooler configurations.
4. You can create multiple Golden Images specific to your environment.
5. Many sites with a large number of workstations already have a well defined Golden System.
6. Golden Images are also known as OS Archives.