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why don't have cmastor in psp7.3 for redhat2.1AS


why don't have cmastor in psp7.3 for redhat2.1AS

I want to upgrade hpasm7.1 to hpasm 7.3. but when I removed hpasm 7.1 and install hpasm 7.3. It show message like same below.

rpm -ivh hpasm-7.3.0-58.rhel21.i386.rpm

error: failed dependecies:
cmastor <= 7.1.0 conflicts with hpasm-7.3.0-58

So, I try to remove cmastor and reinstall hpasm7.3 again. that's ok. Anyway, I try to find cmastor in psp7.3. it does not have it.

My question is
1.How should I install cmastor after I install hpasm7.3 and how I find cmastor from psp7.3?
2.What does it mean cmastor ?

Notice: I try to find CD PSP. but it does not have.
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Re: why don't have cmastor in psp7.3 for redhat2.1AS

I think:
cmastor = Compaq Management Agent (for) STORage

i.e. the code originates from the time before the companies HP and Compaq merged together, so it still has the name "Compaq" embedded in it in some places.

In version 7.1.1-87 (1 Aug 2004), the storage agents were integrated to the hpasm package. So you can remove the old cmastor RPM.

When you install the new hpasm package, it will ask something like "Do you need storage agent functionality?". If you answer "yes", the hpasm package will install the storage agent. The separate cmastor RPM is no longer needed.

This information is available in the Release Notes of the hpasm package. You should always read the release notes when upgrading software.