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Xen - installation

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Xen - installation

Hi there I'm following this tutorial:

Till now I did this:

1. 1.Install a clean base server system.

2. apt-get update

3. apt-get upgrade

4. apt-get install iproute python python-twisted bridge-utils debootstrap
5. wget
6. tar xvf xen-3.0.1-install-x86_32.tgz

7. cd xen-3.0.1-install

8. ./

9. Check for error messages - it should say OK to all.

10. see /lib/modules for the correct kernel version


11. /sbin/depmod -a

12. Edit /etc/mkinitramfs/modules and append the following line:
loop max_loop=64

13. cd /boot

14. mkinitramfs -o initrd.img-

And I'm having this eror:

root@xen:/boot# mkinitramfs -o initrd.img-

W: udev hook script requires at least kernel version 2.6.15
W: not generating requested initramfs for kernel

Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem ?

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Re: Xen - installation

Maybe is complaining about you current kernel version, what is your current kernel version? Try updating your current kernel version above 2.6.15.
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