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Advance your IoT and Edge IT strategy at HPE Discover Madrid 2018

Businesses pursuing IoT and other emerging technologies on the industrial edge generally fall into three categories: Teams that have heard about IoT but are not sure where to start, companies that have launched IoT pilots and want to scale them, and businesses that have deployed IoT throughout their organizations and are now seeking to drive new business value with all of the data at their disposal.

Regardless of where you are located along the spectrum of industrial IoT, there are sessions at Discover Madrid to help technology and business leaders develop and improve their edge strategies. The following short guide outlines the relevant sessions featuring HPE experts, partners, and customers.

Companies getting started with IoT and edge computing

The best way to think of the edge is as a place: It’s where the action happens, where the data is being generated. More specifically, it's a manufacturing floor, a power plant, an oil rig, a campus, a city, a crop field, in space. It is every place where there are “things” generating data. This is important for IT to know because these are places that are not a data center or cloud. In other words, “edge” are places which have not been designed to host IT-created equipment, and often do not have access to IT-grade power, cooling, or support.

The following sessions explain basic IT edge infrastructure and use cases that can help seed ideas at your organization.

Panel: Accelerating IoT, from Edge to Cloud (PNL6848)

In this session, HPE will highlight improvements in scalability, flexibility and response time from an edge-to-cloud infrastructure. This is an opportunity to ask questions and get answers! Use social media in advance (Twitter: @HPE_IoT) or come to the session with your questions. Daniel Newman, a principal at Futurum Research, and HPE experts will help navigate edge computing, HPC, and analytics in the world of Edge to Cloud.

Spotlight: IoT and AI at the Space Edge: To infinity and beyond (SL6849)

The edge is not limited to our tiny blue planet. In this session, the European Space Agency will discuss how it is trying to discover new relationships from GPS satellite signals while improving GPS precision. HPE’s AI and IoT experts will also discuss the current state of AI as it applies to industrial processes and deployments that span the globe and beyond.

Strategies for scaling edge deployments

Many HPE customers understand the principles and concepts behind edge computing, and have tried a few proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and experiments. Some have failed, some have yielded real results. Regardless, now these customers are ready to move IoT into the mainstream, collect data on a much larger scale, and use that data to guide insights and automation. The following sessions can help businesses develop effective edge strategies.

Panel: Put IoT into action, from Edge to Cloud: Key insights from your peers (PNL6800)

Experienced leaders from energy, manufacturing, and other industries will share their achievements and lessons learned. They will reveal how connecting the Edge to the cloud helped digitize their organizations to improve customer response, minimize downtime, and create new offerings. Daniel Newman (@DanielNewmanUV) of Futurum Research will add key insights to help attendees understand how to maximize IoT impacts from a mix of data analyzed at the Edge and in the cloud.

Theater: Meet the inventors: Understanding the innovation behind the new Edgeline Converged OT+IT Technology and OT Link (T6802)

The convergence of OT (operational technology), IT at the edge, and IoT is promoting invention and digital transformation. A major development in OT+IT convergence is the physical integration of OT and IT functions in a single system chassis. HPE’s Gerald Kleyn, Ron Neyland, and other inventors will discuss the new Edgeline Converged Edge Systems models with OT Link, a first-of-kind OT+IT SW and HW platform. Hear how customers are using it today.

Taking IoT efforts to the next level

Companies which have already tackled low-hanging IoT fruit to boost efficiency and improve automation need to think about how to better use available data to drive new business value. This may entail deploying analytics and other advanced applications at the edge, or incorporating new frameworks into industrial edge strategies. Visit these sessions to learn how to take things to the next level:

Breakout: Constructing a data pipeline for real-time analytics (B8098)

Digital transformation involves deploying systems and smart devices on the Edge to create a continuous stream of data to the core and cloud that needs to be analyzed in real time. This session will encourage participants to examine some of the critical design points to consider when constructing a data pipeline that can effectively distribute, transform and persist that data stream to effectively support real-time analytics.

Breakout: IoT Digital Innovation and Security Framework: Experts from HPE Pointnext help you create a successful IoT adoption plan (B6878)

HPE Pointnext will provide an overview of the HPE Digital Innovation framework to help you develop the right IoT strategy and methodology for quick, iterative solution adoption which includes having the right security framework.

You can also watch live and replays of HPE Discover sessions online. For more information about these and other sessions at Discover Madrid, visit the content catalog on the HPE website.

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