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Designing digital transformation for the oil & gas industry using IoT - HPE Discover Madrid 2018

Designing digital transformation for the oil & gas industry using IoT

Oil & gas is the ultimate industrial edge. It’s dirty, it’s dangerous, and operations take place in some of the most inhospitable places on Earth, from above the Arctic Circle to thousands of feet below the ocean. Oil and gas producers spend billions to prepare wells for drilling, yet there are challenges to fully realizing the value of their investments. Supervisors don’t have ready access to key assets and information, such as maintenance crew and well data. They spend a great deal of time on manual management tasks, such as analyzing data, communicating issues, and using paper-based processes.

PwC, HPE, and leading oil and gas producers provide a solution for digital field operations

PwC’s Well Servicing Location Management (WSLM) solution solves real-world challenges for field workers. It features a mobile app that draws data from IoT technologies such as geofencing, beacons, and sensored equipment, and is supported by a robust edge architecture. The app can empower managers and operators to track assets, deliver data where and when it’s needed, automate workover schedules, and even enforce safety and compliance efforts. This digital field operations solution can help clients in the oil & gas sector transform well servicing operations, thereby improving productivity, reducing manual activities, mitigating risks, reducing costs, and boosting worker safety.

How WSLM works in the field

 The WSLM solution draws data from existing drilling, pumping, and safety equipment, as well as a network of sensors. They include:

  • RFID sensors
  • Fitbit + Micro GPS sensors
  • Biometric sensors
  • Rod/tubing inspection sensors
  • Runtime valve sensors and actuators
  • Intruder sensors
  • Video surveillance

To gather and process this data in this unforgiving edge environment, WSLM uses a powerful edge architecture that includes the HPE Universal IoT Platform to enable information exchange between heterogeneous IoT devices and applications; Aruba’s Location and Asset Tracking Solution for real-time location services (RTLS); and HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems which integrate compute, storage, data acquisition, and device management capabilities.

At the well site, workers and supervisors can use the mobile app to locate equipment, schedule personnel, track job status, and monitor various activity and task details. Back at the office, field data from SCADA systems and surveillance feeds are combined with historian, BI, and other sources to power diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, action trackers, rules engines, notifications, and other insights.  

Learn about the WSLM design and deployment at Discover Madrid

PwC’s Munawar Lakdawala and Karthik Vinayakamurthy will give the following overview of WSLM and reveal how a deployment of the technology transformed operations for one of their clients. The session will take place at Discover Madrid at noon on Tuesday, November 27, in Theater 4:

Designing Digital Transformations driven by IoT – Gaining a Competitive Advantage (T7025)

In the era of I4.0 and the Energy Renaissance, companies have the opportunity to lead through improved process management. Oil and gas producers needed a winning strategy to scale operations (absorbing assets from M&A) without sacrificing efficiency (headcount and supply chain discipline) in a prolonged low-pricing environment. PwC, working with leading O&G players, has developed a Digital Field Ops practice using a new generation of digital technology designed to face the industries’ biggest challenges and succeed the “great crew change.”PwC HPE Discover.png




Empowering the Digital Enterprise to be more efficient and innovative through data-driven insights from the Internet of Things (IoT)
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