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Here are the 5G sessions you need to see at HPE Discover

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for real-world examples and use cases that can inform their own approaches to 5G. At HPE Discover, there are multiple sessions and demonstrations that highlight compelling 5G use cases from a range of enterprise, industrial, and CSP customers. These sessions not only explain important considerations around 5G deployments, but also show how organizations are transforming their infrastructures to drive smarter operations and accelerate innovation.


Everyone is talking edge and 5G, but what are companies really doing? (B8429)

Wednesday, 19 June, 4:30-5:30pm

The hype around edge and 5G has been raging for the last 2 years. Business cases on paper have focused on IoT and the necessity of the edge to support 5G. The question remains: What are service providers and enterprises actually implementing? How do technologies such as MEC play a role? In this session we will examine four commercially deployed use cases where business is benefitting from the implementation of edge and laying the groundwork for 5G.

Enterprise digital identity management in an always connected 5G world (IF8430)

Wednesday, 19 June, 3:00-3:30pm

With numerous companion devices connected to each of us, our cross-device service experience depends on identity-sharing mechanisms. Enterprises can experience an untethered multidevice experience with trusted synchronization of identities. Come hear about HPE market-leading solutions for enterprise digital identity and key use cases for the enterprise.

Taming the IT Infrastructure Monster in 5G networks (IF8431)

Wednesday, 19 June, 12:00-12:30pm

As DSPs deploy 5G networks, they will need to manage new security challenges, faster software refresh cycles and shorter equipment lifecycles. This session will present new architectural principles, new AI-based management and other technologies, as well as financial models from HPE to tame infrastructure complexity and costs.

Orchestration from the Edge to the cloud in a 5G world (B8428)

Tuesday, 18 June, 9:00-10:00am

You have decided you are going to implement edge processing; now how do you orchestrate and manage the Edge? How do you coordinate the services that are being delivered from the Edge back to your enterprise IT data center or cloud? HPE will share how we’re redefining experiences at the Edge by delivering edge processing for a variety of enterprise use cases and services.

Hack Shack Workshop: Using RedFish API, monitor and manage HPE ProLiant servers from core to edge (HSW9718)

Wednesday, 19 June, 9:00-9:40am

For technologists, this Hack Shack Workshop that demonstrates a new way to manage software-defined data centers.

The Redfish API is an open, industry-standard, modern RESTful API specification designed to simplify the monitoring and management of the software-defined data center. Join us for a demonstration of the iLO Redfish API where we demonstrate the configuration and monitoring of Redfish Event Service compliant infrastructure using Nagios Core monitoring engine. Technology visionaries will find this engaging.


The 5G spotlight

The spotlight session led by HPE’s Mike Seymour (VP and Head of Telco Segment in North America at HPE) and AT&T’s Robert Boyanovsky (VP Enterprise Mobility at AT&T Business) look at business innovation through the lens of 5G, one of most transformative communications technologies of the coming decade, answering a central question: what does 5G mean for Enterprises?

5G: This changes everything and creates endless possibilities for your enterprise (SL8607)

Thursday, 20 June, 11:00-12:00pm. Speakers:

5G is not just the latest generation of communications technology, it is also a catalyst for endless economic opportunity for your enterprise. 5G will transform the way digital services are created and delivered, fostering a new breed of partnerships, creating new revenue models and enabling innovative digital services not even dreamed of yet. This visionary session explores how 5G is accelerating other digital transformation technology trends like edge computing, AI and IoT with use cases being deployed today and a glimpse into future ones.


To learn more about 5G demos, workshops, and special sessions taking place at HPE Discover from June 17 to 22, download our PDF guide.

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