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Meeting NFV challenges

This blog has been written by Massimo Fatato--Worldwide OSS Domain Business Lead at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services.


I had not attended the TMF event in many years and I found TM Forum Live! 2014 changed over time.  The focus on management systems (OSS) yielded to a number of key transformational themes for the telecom industry: all these in line with HP, and HP Communications & Media Solutions’ (CMS) strategy (NFV, Big Data, Cloud).


A great part of the TM Forum Live! Conference in Nice, France, was concentrating on the virtualization of the network (NFV), and we in HP focused in particular on how to cope with the NFV orchestration and management challenges. Clearly  operators have no option but to follow the NFV path if they wish to stay agile and competitive and meet challenges from new players in the industry such as over-the-top (OTT) providers – As such, NFV is now not a matter of if, but when and how.



My colleague Jeff Edlund, CTO of HP CMS, expressed the benefits of NFV in this way: “There are added benefits than just saving up to 35-50 percent in CapEx and up to 35 percent in OpEx. The real benefits are business agility and accelerating time to market”.


Although NFV promises greater agility and flexibility, operators need a management approach that runs at the same speed. This is a challenge that we will meet thanks to the industry working together in efforts like the ETSI framework and now the TMF program “ZOOM”. I see NFV management as an opportunity, a compelling event to transform OSS. But we have to be pragmatic, we cannot afford a 'big bang' – The industry needs to take iterative steps to bring NFV into OSS on a gradual basis, rather than "rip and replace”.


I had the chance to talk to a number of CSP customers and analysts during the event, who agreed on the disruptive and deeply transformational character of NFV, and the importance of the industry working together to succeed the move into the virtualization era. Anne Morris, Fiercewireless Europewell captured some of the points covered here. To read Anne Morris’ article, please click here.

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