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Rx standalone server to vPar migration

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Rx standalone server to vPar migration


We are planning to migrate standalone rx series server to migrate on vPar. The current Rx sereis server running Oracle Application.

Both source and target systems are HP-Ux 11i v3.

I just want to understand whether I can take advantage of Ignite facility or DRD is better / more feasible option to achieve this activity with much lower impact.

There is also underlying Storage Migrations planned within this same activity. My goal is to achieve this activity on OS level itself.

Thanks in advance for your support and valuable contributions.


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Re: Rx standalone server to vPar migration

Hi All,

I am adding few more details for the the question posted by Vikas

I have attached an excel sheet for Current and Future environment.

New Storage is already connected to new as well as Old Environment.

Each of the DB/APP Servers are in a 2-node SG cluster in old environment. We need to keep them same way in the new environment.

Apart from the questions posted by Vikas above I would like to know if it is possible to use make_net_recovery to create the image & boot from that image in the new environment? Kindly advise.


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Re: Rx standalone server to vPar migration

Using an Ignite image is the way to go for starting a vPar install.

But the target machine is an i4 blade, 2 generations beyond the rx2660 and rx3600. The i4 blade has a number of hardware-dependent features that are very likely not part of your current server's OS. There is a feature in Ignite that triggers special handling for restoring to different hardware. However, the blades and their requirements will likely be too different to succeed.

The second concern is for the very different boot disk hardware. The current hardware is using internal disks, probably running through a Smart Array controllers, so the boot disks will be using different drivers for the SAN storage.

There are some 14 versions ('update' releases) of HP-UX 11.31. I would download the current update (Oct 2015) for HP-UX and use update-ux to bring your current systems up to date. This might help but as with most hardware updates, components and changes that do not apply to the current hardware will be skipped. You will likely have to do a cold install of the latest HP-UX for each vPar and then migrate the DB and applications to the new vPars.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin