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MSR 20-20 VPN problem?

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MSR 20-20 VPN problem?


I have an odd problem that I need to throw at you folks.  I have my office connected via VPN to a 8 location fiber network which are remote sites for my 2-Way Radio network.  My office connects via GRE VPN to one fiber site and then I'm connected to the other 8 fiber sites.  (Yes I know Ipsec is better).

All sites are working fine and can access my office.  My office can see all the routers on the fiber but when I attempt to use web interfaces on devices (on the fiber) behind the router the page starts to load then acts like something is blocking the page from loading.  Just get the wheel of death.  If I remote my office from my home via PPTP VPN I can see the entire network wothout any problems. So I only have the issue when at the office but if I connect to the office remotely via the server VPN I can see everything.  Also some devices on the fiber will load but most won't.  I'm including a image from wireshark for one of the probmatic devices. Here is what I have on the network at the office.

MSR 20-20 router

SBS2011 server