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setup on HP MSR935 JG518A Router iinet

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setup on HP MSR935 JG518A Router iinet

i have a HP MSR935 JG518A Router
it says the ADSL is connected but won't get the internet i think its not forwarding it to the net work
any ideas ?

i am thinking its some thing simple and silly i have tried via the web interface or the CLI but i just cant work it out any help would be greatly appreciated

Atm0/0 current state: UP

Line protocol current state: UP
Description: Atm0/0 Interface
The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500
Internet protocol processing : disabled
AAL enabled: AAL5, Maximum VCs: 8
Current VCs: 1 (1 on main interface)
Current VPs: 0 (0 on main interface)
ADSL LineType:Annex A Operation State:Activated
Upstream rate:1022 kbps, Downstream rate:17017 kbps
Adsl Line Alarm status: Overall-0, SEF-0, LOS-0
Last clearing of counters: Never
Last 300 seconds input rate 0.00 bytes/sec, 0 bits/sec, 0.00 packets/sec
Last 300 seconds output rate 0.00 bytes/sec, 0 bits/sec, 0.00 packets/sec
Input : 7 packets, 504 bytes
0 drop cells, 0 drop pdus, 0 error cells , 0 error pdus,
0 correct cells, 7 correct pdus
Output: 8 packets( 0 cells, 8 pdus), 567 bytes
version 5.20.106, Release 2514P10
sysname HP
firewall enable
domain default enable system
dns resolve
dns proxy enable
dns server
dns server
ip http acl 2006
password-recovery enable
acl number 2000
rule 0 permit source
acl number 2001
rule 10 permit
acl number 2006
rule 0 permit source
rule 5 deny logging
vlan 1
domain system
authentication ppp local
access-limit disable
state active
idle-cut disable
self-service-url disable
dhcp server ip-pool 0
network mask
domain-name home.network
expired day 30
user-group system
group-attribute allow-guest
local-user admin
password simple mypassword
authorization-attribute level 3
service-type ssh telnet
service-type web
interface Dialer1
nat outbound 2000
link-protocol ppp
ppp chap local-user myusername@adam.com.au password simple mypassword
bandwidth 1024
ip address ppp-negotiate
dialer user user
dialer-group 1
dialer bundle 1
ip virtual-reassembly
interface Atm0/0
pvc to_adsl 8/35
map bridge Virtual-Ethernet 1
interface Virtual-Ethernet1
mac-address 0001-0003-0044
pppoe-client dial-bundle-number 1 idle-timeout 65535
interface Vlan-interface1
mtu 1000
ip address
tcp mss 700
ip virtual-reassembly
ip route-static Dialer1
dhcp enable
ntp-service unicast-server
ssh server enable
dialer-rule 1 ip permit
user-interface vty 0 4
acl 2006 inbound
authentication-mode scheme