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Re: 3COM 3CDSG8 / HP 1900-8G Switch

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3COM 3CDSG8 / HP 1900-8G Switch

My 3Com switch will not boot. I followed this article:-



HP 1900 Switch Products - HP V1900-8G: Boot Failure Due to "no valid image"



When power on the HP V1900 (or 3COM 3CDSG8) switch, the switch fails to boot up and stops with the error message No valid image. Please load the image via COM port .

This is because the image in the flash area 0 is missing or corrupted, and the flash area 0 is the default boot area so the switch failed to load the image from there.



Solution is to first switch the boot area from area 0 to area 1, and then upgrade the image in area 0 via the web interface after the switch boot up from area 1.

Here are the steps:

  1. Crtr-C when hyper terminal showed booting... to go into the boot rom.

  2. Type any key. Console will prompt out Invalid command . This is to make sure user is in the boot rom.

  3. Type w 2 f to change the system to load the image in area 1.

  4. Reset the power the switch. The system will load the image in area 1. Console will show Booting ...image 1 .

  5. After the switch successfully boot up, follow the user guide to configure the management IP address via the console.

  6. Access the switch's web interface via the management IP and upgrade the switch to the latest version. This upgrade is to load the latest version image to the area 0.

  7. After the upgrade, reboot the switch and it will load the latest image from area 0.


But still receive the same error message.


It has now run out of warranty. I would like to know how to load the firmware image through the console port but cannot find any info on this.


Can someone help ?







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Re: 3COM 3CDSG8 / HP 1900-8G Switch

I've tracked down a few links that describe the process,




Page 13 of this manual also goes into detail:

5500 release notes



The gist of it is: once the switch says "downloading firmware", then select "send file using xmodem" in your terminal emulation software. In hyperterminal the menu options are:


  1. Transfer
  2. send file
  3. select the file
  4. protocol xmodem

Re: 3COM 3CDSG8 / HP 1900-8G Switch

I have the same trouble, but don't find a solution. May be somone find it already?