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Re: Does j9980A HP1820-24G support LACP?

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Does j9980A HP1820-24G support LACP?


I can't find LACP menu in web-interface.

Due documentation may switch support LACP, but i can't setup this.

Does j9980A HP1820-24G support LACP?

Used last firmware. In dashboard "HP 1820-24G Switch J9980A, PT.01.13, Linux 3.6.5, U-Boot 2012.10-00116 (Jul 30 2014 - 10:52:01)"



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Re: Does j9980A HP1820-24G support LACP?

It should.

On Trunk Configuration you can select the Trunk Type: Static or Dynamic. Dynamic means LACP (Standard IEEE 802.3ad).

Directly from the J9980A Configuration Manual here:

Trunks can be either Dynamic or Static, but not both:

  • Dynamic: Dynamic trunks use the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP, IEEE standard 802.3ad). An LACP-enabled port automatically detects the presence of other aggregation-capable network devices in the system and exchanges Link Aggregation Control Protocol Data Units (LACPDUs) with links in the trunk. The PDUs contain information about each link and enable the trunk to maintain them.
  • Static: Static trunks are assigned to a bundle by the administrator. Members do not exchange LACPDUs. A static trunk does not require a partner system to be able to aggregate its member ports. This is the default port type. Note that the loop protection feature is not supported on dynamic trunks. If loop protection is enabled on a static trunk and the trunk is changed to a dynamic trunk, loop protection is disabled.

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Re: Does j9980A HP1820-24G support LACP?

Thanks friend.

Google finds old manuals.