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HELP HP My Gosh HP V1900-8G Firmware COM1

New Member

HELP HP My Gosh HP V1900-8G Firmware COM1

I have HP (3com V1900-8G Switch that just fell over a died on me)

and have tried absolutely eventing of 10 years of network knowledge to get this working (even prayed )


I have  termed into the switch using the COM port to see what it was doing at boot


Can’t not get into the boot CLI

Rom 1 or Rom 0 (tried Type w 2 f)

Just reads Booting …


and some times

No valid image. Please load the image via COM port.


How can I re program the firmware from the COM1 port like it reads

I don’t seen any instructions or software to use ,

What is the secret behind all this can anybody help .



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