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HP 1810G 2.10 fw reboots every 6h on the clock.

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HP 1810G 2.10 fw reboots every 6h on the clock.

Yesterday I noticed there was a new firmware (2.10) available for the 1810G and I decided it was time to update the switch.

The update itself went fine and the switch rebooted into the new image, thinking no more about it I logged out from the webgui and thought everything was normal.

When I woke up today I had some weird logs in my firewall(the switch is connected on the WAN side from the firewall).

The firewall had lost connection to the Internet for about a minute every 6 hours since the update. I checked the uptime in the HP and it matched the loss of connection on the minute.

Although I found it really weird I just factory reset the switch and reconfigured everything manually hoping that would solve the problem, that was 6 hours ago, and I just had another reboot.

I couldn't see anything strange in the HP logs except for this being logged after the switch had finished rebooting

"Migrating config file log.cfg from version 1 to 2. A configuration file version mismatch was detected so a configuration file migration has started."

Am I the only experiencing this?

The Image1 firmware is still the old 1.20

Image2 is the active image with the new 2.10 firmware.



I have now been able to reproduce the error by changing one setting from Disabled to Enabled.


It seems as if LLDP generated from my Cisco somehow breaks the 1810G. Causing it to reboot at the same time every 6 hour.


Disabling LLDP and the switch stays up as it should.


Someone keen to test this further?

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Re: HP 1810G 2.10 fw reboots every 6h on the clock.

I am experiencing exactly the same problem!


At a customer side in a datacenter, three HP 1810-24G switches, all running firmware 2.10. Two of them reboots every 6 ours. These two switches are connected to a Cisco form the colocation provider.


I have now disabled LLDP on the switches.