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Hp V1910-48g with mini Gbic module


Hp V1910-48g with mini Gbic module

We have a V1910-48g that we put a industry standard mini gbic module taken from an older 

nbase media converter. This module connects a single fiber back to 

another nbase module with it's own mini gbic module. It seems the mini gbic installed in the hp switch

was not working. We are certain the gbics are working fine because we have tested them. The fiber is 

good as well. It seems the gbic module does not want to work in the HP switch. I thought 

mini gbic was an industry standard. Is there something that needs to be done in the switch

management to accept the mini gbic module.?

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Re: Hp V1910-48g with mini Gbic module

Unfortunately they don't support generic GBICs. I don't believe there is an 'allow unsupported transceiver' option as some other vendors provide.You have to use an HP one. Actually, that's a lie; because this is a rebadged 3COM product, they don't work either. It has to be a genuine used-to-be-3Com-but-ain't-anymore transceiver.


Isn't interoperability grand?