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Trunks and Vlans HP V1900-8G


Trunks and Vlans HP V1900-8G

Hello Group


Can some explain how to setup a trunk that contains two tagged vlans on the V1900-8G switch


All my attempts to make two of these switch talk over the trunk have failed and I think it how I am added it in the web interface.



This is what I am trying to do.


Vlan Trunk-sm.PNG




Vlan 1 on switch A  should only be able to talk to Vlan 1 on Switch B etc.


I have played with all kinds of variations and only been able to lockup the web interface and have to reset the switches


Anyone know how this is done?



I have an ISP that will send me two Vlans over a trunk connection , one is the internet and the other is a virtual lan to a branch office.


Thanks for your help