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V1910 Link Aggregation, I am doing something wrong, but what?

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V1910 Link Aggregation, I am doing something wrong, but what?

Good afternoon :D




I am sincerely hoping somebody would help me out, for which I will be very grateful in advance :-)


- I have a V1910-16G, firmware P51.

- I have a Synology with 20 TB of data that supports link aggregation (802.3ad). I have a second Synology that I use as a backup for the first Synology.


Given the mass amount of data that these two machines need to synchronize, I thought I'd setup Link Aggregation. My problem is with my switch, which refuses to do what I want :-)


This is what I did: I created a new LA-Group '1', Dynamic Link Aggregation, and added port 13 + 14 to it, per the manual (page 170).


It refuses to be a 'aggregation interface', complaining for port 14 that 'the partner's port isn't configured correctly' (I have created screenshots and am attaching these).


The manual says something about 'the ports have to be the same, so configure them manually. But as far as I can tell, in Device/Port management, these ports are configured the same (screenshot). I did google and found something about setting the port speed to 1000 and full duplex, I did that, but it also didn't help. I even tried playing with the 'port priority' (setting this to the default 32768 for both, setting port 13 to 32768 and port 14 to 32769), but that also doesn't work.


I appear to be the only one to have this problem (:-)) since Google doesn't help me any further.


Would anybody happen to know what I am doing wrong?


I would be in your debt for that, absolutely.


I am not very tech savvy, so I sincerely apologise if this is a stupid question.


Thank you in advance for any answer,





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Re: V1910 Link Aggregation, I am doing something wrong, but what?

In my experience, VLAN membership was the most common way I break a link aggregation: if one port's VLANs differ ever so slightly ferom another's, they won't aggregate.