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Proliant ML350 RAID5

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Proliant ML350 RAID5

A Proliant server is currently has RAID5 and NT 4 with two partitions C: and D: . We would like to blow away the NT installation and start fresh with 2003 configured with two partitions and I have a couple of questions:

1. Can anyone provide a "general" step by step for this?

2. Do I need to re-format or can I use the format option during install?

3. If I start the install and have windows format the existing partition will it format a c and d drive? If not how do I get two partitions?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Proliant ML350 RAID5

Hello ServerHelp

1. install Windows 2003 Server. It's simple like that.

2. You can use the format option during install of Windows Server 2003. You should have the drivers for the RAID controller handy (or use HP Server installation tools). Press F6 right after booting from the 2003 Server CD and install the Drivers for the RAID controller. Otherwise windows setup will not see your Harddisk (Raid Arry).

3. You can choose the partition layout during the installation of windows 2003 Server. Erase all existing partions and create/format new ones.


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Re: Proliant ML350 RAID5

In addition, if you have the RAID controller drivers in a CD, then consider getting the RAID drivers on to a floppy diskette as you would be prompted to insert a floppy diskette after hitting the F6 during the Win2k3 setup. Look on your RAID driver CD for something like Create Driver Disk. If there isn't one then to make a driver disk for your Card or Chipset you need to find the folder that pertains to your card/chipset on your CD. There
should be a file called txtsetup.oem, that tells Windows 2003 what drivers
are on the disk and where they are located. Copy txtsetup.oem to the root of
your floppy and the driver files to either the root or the folder that is
referenced in txtsetup.oem.