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Customer Sertvice

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Customer Sertvice

Why do you and sell a product(priced higher then retail)and tell me that you would help me install the product purchased and when I needed ass istance your techs refuses to help me as I was told that they would do, tell me if I needed help that I would have to pay for help and provide me with the most horrible treatment, I again must say, THE MOST HORRIBLE TRTEATMENT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED, I WAS LIED TO, NOT ONCE BUT OVER AND OVER, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, JUST PLAIN LIED TO AND OVER CHARGRD NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. IT HAS MADE ME SICK AND NEVER WANTING TO REFER YOUR COMPANY TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN.
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Re: Customer Sertvice

Hi Richard,

If you can give me your system details and any case reference numbers you may have I can look into this for you,