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Re: How long are we to wait??

New Member

How long are we to wait??

I AM the customer and I am completely DISSATISFIED. 2 days in a
row we have waited for either a tech or phone call and received
NEITHER. We are a large company and cannot call tech support on
a daily basis wondering why this has not been resolved! After
this experience, I will strongly advise our department to buy
desktops and products from a different company. Your
initial customer service rep last Friday September 14th should
have been an indicator to me that you had no intention of
resolving this in a timely manner. She was of absolutely no help.
I am now having to find a tech locally who will actually SHOW UP
or at least call if not available. You should probably look into
a more streamline and professional manner to handle your
customers. Having a warranty on this product has not proved to
be an advantage.
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Re: How long are we to wait??

Julissa...I'm sorry to tell ya this, but HP's brass, aren't here, it's just end users helping each other, peer to peer. I would suggest trying to have your case elevated with a Dept supervisor for example, the next time they call you back that is !? If not, contact are moderator Gary, at his address listed in his forum profile page, in the link below. He can usually have this done for you directly/internally, even though it's not his job...he's just a very generous fella who does it on his own dime, so be nice to him if you do.

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Re: How long are we to wait??

Hi Julissa,

send me an email with as much case information as possible and I look at this for you,