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Purpose of HP Support Center personal page?

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Purpose of HP Support Center personal page?

I have recently begun using the HP Support site that one logs into, with the intention of keeping track of the HP products (and their warranties) we use at my institution. Every time I log in to my personal page, information that I had previously entered is gone. Disappeared. And I have to enter it again (well, at this point I see no point). I have a desktop, a laptop, a color laserjet printer, monitors. Collectively, my employer and I have more. 


I envisioned this support page would be a place to keep track of our products and their warranties, and to keep track of any interactions I have with HP Support about particular products we own. I was very excited about this, in fact.


Given that none of my communication with HP is preserved in this page, given that the laptop I recently sent to HP for repairs (ahem, after requesting a box 3 times!) and all correspondence, including shipping box and/or receiving laptop, does not appear here, and given that I have to continually re-enter information about my products: WHAT is the point of having a login and a personalized page? WHAT is the purpose of the "My Recent Cases" section?


I would love to see HP improve these personal pages for their customers. It would be great to be able to log in and see all our HP products and all interactions with HP support for each individual product. Is there a plan to make this happen? If not, what am I missing here....



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Re: Purpose of HP Support Center personal page?

This is not the proper place for feedback on the HPSC.  Please see the following topic: