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"Posting" on HP Forums via iPAQ

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Honored Contributor

"Posting" on HP Forums via iPAQ

I have tried a few times to post in this forum both by Wi-Fi and GPRS, but I get a few different errors typically a server error.

I am "certain" that it is a limitation of both Pocket IE and HP forum software. However, I just want to be certain that it isn't "just me." I didn't see, or missed any FAQ on the subject.

Further, since I know there are some programming changes in progress, this might be nice for the "To-Do List."

Thanks for the Input!

I posted the same question, but if it doesn't need to be there then delete it:
If it ain't broke, I still make it better
Honored Contributor

Re: "Posting" on HP Forums via iPAQ

Hi David,

Thanks for the information, I will pass it on to the lab team and see what they come up with.

Will also add it to the "to do list"

Cheers & Thanks again for your continued feedback,