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Uncooperative Upper Level HP Management

New Member

Uncooperative Upper Level HP Management

I'm going to throw this out 'there' and see what happens.  I have had 4 of the same printer that has failed for 1 reason or another.  Apparently this is now an "end of life" printer that has had ongoing wireless connectivity issues.  As I am still under warranty, I was just sent the same 4th replacement printer.  Once again, it fails.  


I spoke with a member of upper management in the "case manager" department, followed by a "risk management" executive, informing them fully of the ongoing situation.  In doing so, I asked for a replacement printer that was recommended by the HP Business Sales Dept. to replace this forever defective model printer.  The new printer that I am asking for is double the price of my original one, however for what HP has spend in replacement, defective printers, the additional cost would have been insignificant.  And I might add all of this has been under full warranty.


To make a long story short, now my case manager and risk management executive will not return my emails as to the next replacement step.


If someone would like to intervene on my behalf from this post in order to handle this matter, then email me please for further detail.  I will, however, state at this point, and hopefully an upper member of HP management will read this, but my next step is Better Business Bureau and Attorney General arbitration methods.  Trying to cut me off by not returning emails is not going to work with me.  I am a major HP stockholder and have spent multiple thousands of dollars on HP products over 30 years and I will not tolerate being treated as such.


I would be interested to know if others have experienced similar and how you resolved  your issues.


Thank you for reading.....



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