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What can I do when Support dosn't help me?

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What can I do when Support dosn't help me?

We ordered 7 units of HP tablet PCs to on 6/30/2014. They were shipped on 7/3/2014. In 10/29/2014, I found that Base Warranty Start Date showed as 2/26/2014 for 6 of them and 7/7/2014 for one.


I called Support. I was transferred 4 times. The last person I talked with was an Indian lady. I emailed to with CC to the lady, Proof of Purchase and Serial Numbers scanned from the boxes on 10/29/2014. The last email received from them was from an Indian guy on 11/20/2014. It said "Now this case has been closed by Bharath, it seems service has been delivered. Please contact Bharath for further assistance." I emailed him but I never got reply and Start Dates were never corrected.


Before this, I had to work with HP SRG group to correct Start Dates for only Care Packs for a switch (somebody had got it before me from a reseller) and a server (we purched it from the same reseller) because Start Dates for Base Warranties and Care Packs were months earlier than purchase dates. Members of SRG were also Indian but they were OK.


I called Support again on 1/8/2015. I was told that I had to mention "Business Notebooks". The Indian lady I talked with opened 6 cases so I had to email the same POP with different scanned Serial Number 6 times. I received 2 emails "Closure of your request" on 1/12/2015. I confirmed that Basic Warranty Start Date was corrected for those but not for other 4. I called them again and I was told that he would email me the status for those but he never did. I emailed again and got reply for 2. I didn't receive any email but I found that 2 corrections had been made so there were 2 more to be corrected. Then I received an email Closure of your request for one. Start Date for that was changed from 2/26/2014 to 3/7/2014 but it's still much earlier than the purchase date. Start Date for the other was changed from 2/26/2014 to 6/6/2014, which is still earlier.


Is anybody supervising what they do in India or US?

I tried to escalate the case in my Support page but I don't see any option for that.

And I don't see any phone number for that.



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