5 Benefits of Server Virtualization

In the first blog in our virtualization blog series, “Server Virtualization 101” we looked at what server virtualization is and highlighted a few HPE and Microsoft virtualization solutions SMBs can use to virtualize their IT environments.


Today, we will dive deeper into how server virtualization benefits SMBs by looking at 5 benefits of virtualization:

1) Lower costs by improving server utilization: Server virtualization allows SMBs to consolidate their physical servers and run multiple Virtual Machines (VMs), each with a different workload. This can increase their IT efficiency and help them gain the agility for a fraction of the cost of adding new hardware.

2) Increase uptime and availability: Hardware failure is a common reason for business disruption. With failover clustering and live migration, businesses can move VMs seamlessly between physical servers to minimize downtime.

3) Improve security and data protection: Your customers can increase security and minimize the impact of malware by isolating different workloads in separate VMs.

4) Simplify server and application management: SMBs can give employees the freedom to do business from anywhere, any time, on any device and use a single view dashboard to manage users, devices, storage, resources, and VMs

5)Implement disaster recovery and business continuity: Traditional disaster recovery solutions can cost tens of thousands of dollars! Customers can back up their virtualized environments more affordably than they can with separate physical servers.


When you pair HPE ProLiant Gen9 Rack and Tower Servers and Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 R2, your customers benefit from the intelligence of HPE ProLiant Gen9—the word's most self-sufficient servers—and the ease of management, virtualization, and scalability of Windows Server. Check back soon for the next blog in our virtualization series, “Licensing businesses for virtualization” to learn more on optimizing SMB IT with different licensing options for Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard edition and Datacenter edition.


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