Be Ready for the Cloud with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and HPE


Microsoft Windows Server 2016 offers your customers many features that will allow them to integrate cloud options into their IT environments and business processes, expanding their options without adding significant complexity.

Businesses can now take advantage of storage, backup, and workload options with increased efficiency and reduced effort:
- Improve infrastructure agility through workload mobility using virtual machines and containers
- Build scalable storage capacity with easy to use Azure Storage services1
- Enhance data resiliency and reduce storage costs with Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery1
- Reduce user identity & security management complexity using Azure Active Directory Premium1
- Simplify management of on-premise and cloud server infrastructure with Azure Remote Server Management1  

Let's take a closer look at some of these features:2017-03-30 Be Cloud Ready with Windows Server 2016 and HPE.jpg



Containers (Windows Server & Hyper-V)
Windows Server Containers are highly scalable, portable, build fast, and allow many isolated applications to run on one computer system. Hyper-V Containers encapsulate each container in a light weight virtual machine. In addition to two runtimes, both can be managed with either PowerShell or Docker.

Customer Benefits
- Increases performance by reducing resources needs of each instance
- Increases security by isolating application environments
- Enables greater workload flexibility and portability between on-premise and cloud deployment

Azure Storage1
Give support for deployments in datacenters and virtual arrays for smaller enterprise environments, such as remote or branch offices that require network-attached storage (NAS). On-demand infrastructure means there is no need to set up or maintain costly on-premise equipment for new or special projects. By using local storage for performance, customers have the flexibility to retain all volume data locally.

Customer benefits:
- Reduces capital costs for additional storage infrastructure
- Reduces IT administrative overhead—helping reclaim administrator hours
- Maintains local copy of data for regulation/compliance needs

Azure Backup w/ Azure Site recovery1
Protect critical applications, including SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL Server, files and folders, Windows Servers and clients, and Azure infrastructure-as-a-services (IaaS) virtual machines.

Customer benefits:
- Protects critical assets wherever they are
- Cost effectively meets data regulations or compliance requirements
- Ensures data is secure and available with 99.9% service availability

Azure Active Directory (AD) 1
Azure AD is Microsoft's multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service. It allows organizations the ability to improve employee productivity, streamline IT processes, improve security, and cut costs in many ways.

Customer benefits:
- Enables access to cloud apps and service and self-services capabilities from anywhere and on any device
- Easily and securely manage employee and vendor access
- Monitor application usage and protect business from advanced threats with security reporting and monitoring

Azure Remote Server Management Tools (RSMT) 1
Server management tools offers a set of web-based GUI and command line tools to manage Windows Server. This is especially useful when managing headless servers. These tools also provide rapid access to on-premise infrastructure alongside Azure resources.

Customer benefits:
- Measure performance across various resources and services
- Simplify remote system management and reporting
- Manage both cloud based and local servers using common tools via web browser


You have probably noticed that several of these Windows Server 2016 features are only available as add-on services. For these features, HPE Azure Tokens offer an easy and efficient way to get started with an initial, set budget. HPE Azure Tokens are ideal for SMBs needing an on-premise server refresh, who also want to investigate the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment in a safe and easy manner with minimal investment. Learn more about HPE Azure Tokens at:


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1 Not out of the box – only available as an add-on service

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