HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server FAQ Series- Part 8: OEM License Support

We have been covering lots of different Microsoft Windows Server 2016 topics in our FAQ blog series. From core-based licensing, to CALs and COAs, we've answered questions about a bit of  (almost) everything related to Windows Server. But, there are still a few topics we have yet to discuss. Read on to learn about support options for Microsoft Windows Server OEM licenses purchased from HPE as we answer the top 3 most frequently asked questions we get about HPE OEM Windows Server support. 

1. Whom do I call for service and support for Microsoft Windows Server operating systems purchased from Hewlett Packard Enterprise?
Customers who purchase Microsoft Windows Server operating systems from HPE, or HPE Resellers can call HPE for both operating system and server support. Technical initial setup support is available from the HPE website or by telephone (you can find the contact number at for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Initial setup support includes the following:
- Answering installation questions (how-to, first steps, and prerequisites)
- Setting up and configuring software and options supplied or purchased with HPE hardware products (how-to and first steps)
- Interpreting system error messages
- Isolating system problems
- Obtaining support pack information or updates for software purchased or supplied with HPE hardware products

Initial setup support does not include assistance with:
- Generation or diagnosis of user-generated programs or source codes
- Installation of non-HPE products
- System optimization, customization, and network configuration

HPE ProLiant global limited warranty and technical support terms can be found at:

2. What type of support services does HPE provide beyond warranty support?
HPE has a full range of support and consulting services for your product that can be purchased locally. However, some support and related products may not be available in all countries. For information on availability and cost of these services, refer to the HPE website at

3. How do I contact HPE about support for my Windows Server 2016 product?
You can locate the phone number for the nearest HPE Support Team or HPE Call Center via the worldwide contact numbers ( Follow the prompts for service for your HPE ProLiant Server.

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