Improve business security with HPE Gen10 Servers and Microsoft Windows Server 2016

As stories of security breaches become more and more prevalent, we know customers are looking for IT solutions that offer the highest level of security to help keep their businesses protected.

This month we are focusing on security and a great server solution for you to offer your customers looking for added defense against malicious activity that can harm their businesses. This solution not only relies on new layers of protection built into the server operating system (OS) but also security features built into the server itself to further safeguard against security breaches.

So, what is this solution... we're glad you asked! When you pair Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 Servers, you can help your customers prevent attacks and detect suspicious activity with the latest (and we think greatest) built-in security features.


Bob Moore, Director of Server Software and Product Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise explains how pairing HPE Gen10 Servers with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 increases business security.

As the latest version of Windows Server, Windows Server 2016 has built-in security features to help better harden the OS and detect malicious activity. Windows Server 2016 can help businesses build a secure foundation, protect privileged information, and improve threat detection. Pairing the security features of this server OS with HPE Gen10 Servers, the most secure industry standard servers, gives customers even greater protection.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 Servers offer unique security features, down to the silicon. Did you know that HPE is the only vendor to provide silicon root of trust which creates a digital fingerprint in the silicon and ensures the server will never boot with compromised firmware? With Government level security protection, support for compliance planning, and end of life hardware disposal, HPE Gen10 Servers offer your customers a better way to protect their business and data.

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