Microsoft Windows Server 2012 CAL End of Life Update

You may remember reading about the Discontinue Date for HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Client Access Licenses (CALs) in our blog, “Important dates for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 End of Life (EOL)”. Perhaps, you saw that 2012 CALs were reaching their EOL at the end of the year but you thought to yourself, “Oh, that is so far away, I don’t need to concern myself with that now…”


Well… the time is here my friend! The end of 2016 brought the End of Life for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 CALs. Additionally, the Discontinue Date is quickly approaching! HPE OEM Windows Server 2012 CALs will be discontinued effective 1/31/2017, with an Obsolete Date set for February 28, 2017.


But, there is no need to panic! HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server 2016 CALs are now available and work for not only Windows Server 2016, but all previous Windows Server Operating Systems as well.


Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacenter editions will continue to require Windows Server CALs for every user or device accessing a server. This is the same requirements found in Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. Some additional or advanced functionality will continue to require the purchase of a RDS CAL. RDS CALs are needed in addition to the Windows Server CAL to access certain functionalities such as Remote Desktop Services. Customers can purchase CALs from HPE or HPE authorized resellers at any time. HPE currently offers individual Device CALs and User CALs as well as CALs in packs of five, ten, and fifty.


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