What is ROK (HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server Reseller Option Kit)?

***Disclaimer: this article refers to Windows Server 2016 ROK licenses. We suggest you to click Understanding Windows Server 2019 Reseller Option Kit (ROK) licensing for HPE ProLiant Servers for more update information about the same topic.***


With the introduction of Microsoft® Windows Server 2016 and HPE Gen10 Servers, many businesses are looking to upgrade their server infrastructures. You probably already know that the Hewlett Packard Enterprise/ Microsoft partnership brings together the world's leading server hardware and software innovations, applications, resources, and rok_blk_pos_rgb.jpgsupport. But, did you know that HPE sells Microsoft OEM licenses in a number of ways? 

To ensure that customers purchase the right HPE ProLiant Servers with the right Microsoft Windows Server editions, the HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server Reseller Option Kit (ROK) was developed.


What is ROK?
ROK is a software distribution model designed for Value-Added Resellers who purchase IT solutions from distributors for the business customers they support. It offers proven reliability and performance at an affordable price, easy purchase and setup capabilities, and simplicity in system management tasks.


What does ROK include?
As a kit, ROK includes Windows Server software that:
- Is install ready and sold off the same server price lists as components such as RAM, hard drives, and processors
- Is designed and tested for HPE Servers, providing confidence in deploying a broad range of servers engineered and maximized to run Windows at its best
- Includes 90-day installation support from HPE


How is ROK different from other Windows Server operating system versions?
You are probably curious about how ROK differs from other versions of Microsoft Windows Server. Well, generally speaking, HPE ROK is the very same Windows Server operating system customers can purchase directly from Microsoft. However, through HPE’s OEM agreement with Microsoft, HPE is able to customize and optimize Windows Server specifically for HPE Servers and it is BIOS-locked to ensure it can only be installed on HPE Servers.


Where can I learn more about ROK?
Learn more about the HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server Reseller Option Kit, by visiting:
If you are a customer who would like to learn more about ROK, please contact your trusted HPE Reseller Partner.


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NOTE: This blog is the first of a multi-blog series in which we will cover many different ROK topics including what ROK is, the different ROK license types available, and the reseller and customer benefits from ROK. So be sure to check back every week this month for a new ROK topic.

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