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In this blog post, I wanted to share a couple of HPE Primera things that go deep into HPE Primera - not your typical Around the Storage Block blog post so I'm posting it here on Storage Tech Insiders. I'm going to share a LinkedIn blog that Nick Triantos, Global Field CTO for HPE Storage wrote and also the video of the HPE Primera Tech Field Day session. So let's get to it!

HPE Storage Tech Insiders blog was created for deep technical blog posts from R&D engineers and our Technical Marketing Engineering teams. I'm in marketing and while my experience in storage is deep and over 35 years, I don't have the technical chops of our engineering teams. But I know good 

technical content when I see it so I wanted to share a couple of things about HPE Primera that are very good technical content. 

A field CTO's view of HPE Primera

As I said, Nick is the Global Field CTO for HPE Storage. He's been in the storage industry along time. I had met Nick when he worked for a storage competitor and I respected his balanced perspective on things. He came to HPE from Nimble Storage. He works with customers every day and has a strong sense of putting what the customer needs first. 

When we announced HPE Primera, he wrote a blog HPE Primera a new day in tier 0 storage.jpgpost on LinkedIn titled, "The dawn of a new era in Primary Storage".  Nick sets up his article with some context on why intelligence matters. That's a theme we have definitely embraced and with HPE InfoSight have made it a priority across our portfolio. He also definies what tier 0 mission critical storage. If you're not sure, be sure you read his article

He then describes the set of features that as a whole are unique to HPE Primera: 

  • Symmetric Active/Active on the front-end and back-end
  • Customer installable (Rack to Apps in 20mins)
  • Customer HW upgradable/serviceable (Nodes, Adapters, Drives, Enclosures, Power Supplies, I/O Modules, Cables, SFP)
  • Data in-place HW upgrades
  • User driven SW updates (5mins)
  • AI Driven intelligence with embedded algorithms and recommendations from InfoSight
  • Multiple HW Acceleration engines (ASIC) per node with point-to-point non-blocking connectivity for massive parallelization required for NVMe and NVM-oF
  • No need for separate Service Processor
  • Onboard Element Manager
  • Sea of data sensors - New SW design allows for a ton of sensors for monitoring, alerting, hot spot & IO outlier detection, system headroom, and recommendations.

His LinkedIn article has a lot more technical detail. If you haven't looked closely at HPE Primera, Nick's blog post is outstanding so check it out!

Tech Field Day HPE Primera deep dive

Last week was the Tech Field Day Exclusive at Nth Symposium . We had 7 sessions on various storage topics with the ten delegate bloggers who attended. You can see my blog post on the overall TFD on ATSB. However, in this article, I wanted to call your attention to the HPE Primera session that Alex Verprinsky, a System Archtect on the HPE Primera Engineering team led. I was in the room when Alex gave his presentation. I watched it again today and it is a fabulous deep dive on HPE Primera. Here's a video of it. Note it is about 90 minutes long but packed with more information than you'd get in a full day class. Definitely worth watching it!

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