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Industry-leading AIOps for infrastructure extends edge with HPE InfoSight App Insights

Today, we introduce HPE InfoSight App Insights, expanding the cloud experience with data-driven intelligence. App Insights extends the AI-driven intelligence that HPE InfoSight has offered for customers’ infrastructure, up the stack and into the application layer.

HPE has been delivering an industry-leading cloud operational experience for data with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. This has allowed our customers to unlock business agility, drive innovation and move faster with a unique pay-per-use model that is easy-to-scale and can be consumed as a service. It is a new frontier in application performance monitoring, visibility, and predictability that enables IT to run applications disruption-free, keep application workloads optimized and resolve application-level problems faster in the event they ever occur.

HPE GreenLake cloud services for data protection_blog_HPE_ELEMENT_20210518030-A.jpgA cloud operational experience requires infrastructure to be invisible

Delivering an end-to-end cloud operational experience requires the infrastructure to be invisible, and IT operations to be application – not infrastructure – centric. Such an experience allows IT to focus on building the next generation of applications, and provision them on the right underlying infrastructure, without constant management overhead. This is where AIOps plays a critical role in truly powering that cloud operational experience by optimizing your infrastructure for existing and new application workloads.

Figure 1.0 AIOps innovation across the 2 axesFigure 1.0 AIOps innovation across the 2 axes

AIOps needs to lead across the two axes shown here: with intelligence to monitor, predict and deliver recommendations and ultimately act on those recommendations; and with visibility to observe all the way to the application layer.

Our decade-long AIOps journey with HPE InfoSight 

HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, has been on a decade-long journey of delivering innovations by transforming the support experience, making infrastructure invisible, and shifting operations to be app-centric.

Figure 2.0 Decade long history of innovations in HPE InfoSightFigure 2.0 Decade long history of innovations in HPE InfoSight

For example, earlier this year HPE unveiled intent-based provisioning which transforms app workload provisioning to enable anyone (including the line-of-business stakeholders) to provision workloads, with the underlying infrastructure automatically identified via AI-driven intelligence. across the customer’s fleet.

Extending AI-driven intelligence for applications

HPE InfoSight App Insights builds on this momentum and delivers on our vision for HPE InfoSight. It offers customers improved visibility into their application workloads, along with contextual insights and smart recommendations that take the guesswork out of application performance management. It replaces the alarm fatigue arising from pre-configured thresholds in silo’ed monitoring applications, with an AI-driven approach that identifies problems and prescribes actions to avert any application downtime. Predicting potential issues—across storage, compute, virtualized software, and applications—and fixing them automatically, essentially makes infrastructure invisible.

What if running high-performance applications didn’t mandate admins to constantly monitor their infrastructure to ensure it is always optimized? What if there was a way to avoid anomalous behavior in applications using performance data of the supporting infrastructure as well as of applications running in similar IT environments elsewhere? Lastly, what if you never had to pull application logs nor manually correlate events across multiple tools when trouble-shooting application-level problems?

HPE InfoSight App Insights delivers full-stack visibility, predictive insights into application-level anomalies, resource utilization for all apps, and end-to-end topology maps from applications down to storage volumes. For instance, as shown in the screenshots below, users get detailed read-write analytics, rich I/O profiling, read/write latency, real-time CPU and memory usage, and more – across the SQL server, database instances, and storage volumes.

Figure 3.0 App Insights user interface viewsFigure 3.0 App Insights user interface views

As an example, let’s say someone in your team had configured a backup job that uses the same host, but misconfigured the time for the job to run in the morning instead of during the night. As a result, you are observing an unusually high latency (wait time in the screenshot below) on your SQL application. This means that the host is probably busy running the backup application that wasn’t expected at that time in your environment.

Figure 4.0 Trouble-shooting an unusually high wait-time due to a misconfigurationFigure 4.0 Trouble-shooting an unusually high wait-time due to a misconfiguration

HPE GreenLake cloud services for data protection_blog2_shutterstock_518552875.pngTransforming the IT experience with HPE InfoSight

We are always pushing the envelope with HPE InfoSight to create better customer outcomes. We have transformed the support and operational experience with predictive analytics and case automation. With HPE InfoSight App Insights as the latest innovation, we continue to make infrastructure invisible, and shift IT operations to be app-centric. We are excited about continuing to deliver the best-in-class cloud operational experience with HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

HPE InfoSight App Insights will be available as a tech preview starting September 30th, 2021, initially to customers running Microsoft SQL Server application on bare metal or VMs, including these HPE products: HPE ProLiant, HPE Synergy, HPE Alletra 6000, HPE Alletra 9000, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Primera, and HPE 3PAR.
If you are interested in participating in the Tech Preview program, please email to request your personal invitation.

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