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New for HPE SimpliVity! Integrated StoreOnce backup, expanded scale, improved productivity

Announcing HPE SimpliVity options that simplify management, help you scale your hyperconverged infrastructure, and with the integration of HPE StoreOnce, make backup simpler and more cost-effective.

HPE_SimpliVity-hyperconverged-infrastructure -StoreOnce-integration.jpgIt’s a new year, and HPE has already delivered some exciting new options for your hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). I’m very pleased to announce the availability of HPE SimpliVity features and options that increase productivity, make management simpler, cut costs, and help you scale your HCI environment.

Today’s announcement includes great news for backup users in hybrid cloud environments. Enterprises that want to create an intelligent, software-defined datacenter can now leverage HPE StoreOnce Systems to meet broader, more strategic objectives in HPE SimpliVity environments. The award-winning backup appliance lets you centralize data and reduce business continuity costs, while adhering to compliance and long term backup policies. And the new HPE SimpliVity Backup User Role makes both you and IT administrators more productive.

Secondary storage option for hyperconverged environments

As necessary as data backup and replication are to business continuity, these processes are often postponed because of budget constraints or the impact to system performance. HPE SimpliVity customers don’t need to worry about performance impact, because the platform includes built-in data protection with VM backup speeds that are guaranteed to be hyper-fast. But HCI nodes are not intended to be used primarily as backup targets, and there are lower cost alternatives.

shutterstock_1567272277-beHPE.jpgToday, HPE announces the integration of a new cost-effective, high performance archiving option outside of the HPE SimpliVity federation: HPE StoreOnce with Catalyst. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, a data protection interface and protocol exclusive to HPE, uses a client-server design to reduce data at the source, saving bandwidth and increasing throughput. The backup appliances offer affordable and flexible data protection on or offsite.

HPE SimpliVity software release 4.0.0 includes integration of the HPE StoreOnce Catalyst client, which means you can now store VM backups on an HPE StoreOnce system. The process is as simple as backing up to a hyperconverged cluster: same right-click actions, same ability to automate backups, no additional software required. You can create backup policies and report on backup status directly from your existing hypervisor management interface, such as VMware vCenter.

HPE StoreOnce integration comes with an additional benefit: reduced data storage cost. When compared with storing data on all-flash hyperconverged nodes, costs can be as much as 7 times lower* on an HPE StoreOnce System.

New configurations and features bring productivity up and costs way down

December and January were busy months for the HPE SimpliVity engineering team. In addition to HPE StoreOnce integration, several other features are now available, which expand on the platform’s scalability, capacity, and access control. The new configurations and features improve datacenter productivity, reduce licensing costs, and give you a broader range of HCI choices.

  • New expanded scale for large federations: The HPE SimpliVity platform now offers expanded scale and improved manageability for larger deployments. This feature reduces licensing requirements for VMware vCenter, which can significantly impact costs in 96-node federations.
  • New configurations: HPE SimpliVity models are now available with higher capacity storage, and in hybrid configurations that are ideal for general purpose workloads. You can view the full portfolio and compare the different models and options in the portfolio guide on the HPE SimpliVity web page
  • New role-based access: Role-based access defines privileges within the system for different IT roles, restricting control of certain HCI features to authorized users. In conjunction with HPE StoreOnce integration, HPE SimpliVity now offers a Backup User Role that makes both IT administrators and backup users more productive. IT administrators can delegate the ability to perform backup functions to other team members, allowing them to search for and restore backups, and create crash consistent backups without having full administrator permissions.

You can find more information about these new features and the HPE SimpliVity portfolio in the Intelligent Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution brief.

To see how you can back up straight to the HPE StoreOnce System, watch the 3-minute demo video: HPE SimpliVity with StoreOnce.



Janet Runberg
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

*HPE internal lab tests indicate that customers who move data to an HPE StoreOnce tier can realize as much as 7x cost savings from a $/GB perspective compared to storing VMs backups on the SimpliVity tier.




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