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BL460c in C7000 Enclosure - BIOS Update ?


BL460c in C7000 Enclosure - BIOS Update ?

is it possible to update the blade bios (rom) trough the onboard admin panel or is it only possible with usb stick directly attached to the enclosure ?

Re: BL460c in C7000 Enclosure - BIOS Update ?

Hi Manuel,

HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator enclosure USB port is used to connect external USB DVD drive to update the firmware. however, it is possible to put the firmware DVD ISO into USB key and use Enclosure USB port to update the firmware

Latest HP Smart Update Firmware DVD 9.20 (B) (2 Dec 2010) (955 MB)〈=en&cc=us&mode=5&

YOu need HP USB Key Utility. HP USB Key Utility is a Windows application that will allow the user to copy the Firmware DVD contents to a USB memory key. Users may then run the Smart Update Firmware applications from a USB key instead of from the DVD.
HP USB Key Utility for windows
cp012435.exe (1.4 MB)

follow the installation instructions provided with firmware DVD and USB key utility to perform the task.

HOpe this helps,

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Re: BL460c in C7000 Enclosure - BIOS Update ?

You don't mention which Generation server, or which OS you're using, but...

Whave you looked at the HPSUM tool for updating Firmware and drivers on the servers?
(This tool also works with remote servers, so that you can update FW and drivers on all servers from one location.)
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Re: BL460c in C7000 Enclosure - BIOS Update ?

My preference is to use iLO interface for the BL and mount HP's firmware DVD in ISO form. No additional hardware is required and can be done from the comfort of your desk.


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Re: BL460c in C7000 Enclosure - BIOS Update ?

you can mount the Rompaq iso through OA to blafe server .