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HPE and the Race for the Heart

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The Race for the Heart is a sporting and solidarity event, supporting the major societal issue of organ donation. This race, completed in part by runners who have undergone organ transplants, aims to educate the general public about organ transplants and consequently, the need for organ donation. The race aims to advance this cause by interacting with the public in the 200 communes crossed and also through media coverage.

2017 will be the 31st edition of the race. Participants will leave Paris on 29 March 2017 in order to arrive at Les Arcs 1800 on 2 April 2017. This will be the 14th time HP or HPE and HPI have participated in the event.

The race began in 1987, started by the Ringard Club of France and Professor Christian Cabrol—the first surgeon who performed a heart transplant in France (April 27, 1968).

An extraordinary sporting event, unique and organized by the association Trans-Forme ( and, the Race for the Heart is a bit like the Tour de France—a large caravan crosses France for 4 days and 4 nights.

These 4 days and 4 nights cover 750 km of non-stop relays between Paris and Bourg Saint Maurice - Les Arcs and includes 24 teams of 14 individuals including a team of people with organ transplants (heart, liver, kidney, marrow Bone, cornea, etc.). Participants will cross more than 200 municipalities in relays ranging from 8 to 60 km. There are also special relay stages—roller, bike and run, flying relay, bike and bike, etc.

In addition to the athletic challenge, it will be necessary to manage lack of sleep, weather conditions, unusual running hours, and other obstacles. To do so, a specialized team of 8 doctors with appropriate equipment, and 25 physiotherapists will be present to provide medical support for the runners. In addition a squadron of 15 bikers from the Republican Guard and 36 commissioners will join to ensure the safety of the event. 140 volunteers will help by providing more than 3200 meals served in inns, restaurants or as packed lunches, day and night at the designated arrival points. Entertainers and musicians will also perform at various places throughout the race to keep spirits high.

Throughout the event, a communication team ensures the promotion and awareness of organ donation. Their outreach includes visiting schools to communicate with children. Another of their initiatives is to raise awareness of the need for organ donations for children—part of the "10,000 hearts for the hospital" operation.

This event represents the values of HP and since 2016, HPE / HPI teams have represented both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. In 2017, 11 HPE employees and 5 from HPI will participate.

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