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DRD Sync to update inactive disk

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DRD Sync to update inactive disk

Hi All

     I would like to place a script in the cron to update the DRD clone inactive disk on weekly basis.. Please confirm whether the command will perform this.


#drd sync -v -v


Also please share if you have any script to achive this..

Patrick Wallek
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Re: DRD Sync to update inactive disk

That should work.  The one change I would make is to combine the two '-v -v' into '-vv'.


You might also write a wrapper script that checks the return code of the command and notifies you if it succeeds or fails.


For example (not tested or checked for syntax):





drd sync -vv > ${LOGFILE} 2>&1



if (( ${RETCODE} != 0 )) ; then

   mailx -s "DRD SYNC FAILED" you@yourdomain.com < ${LOGFILE}


   mailx -s "DRD SYNC SUCCEEDED" you@yourdomain.com < ${LOGFILE}



Chirag Parikh
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Re: DRD Sync to update inactive disk

Hi Sridhar,


You can always have a preview option to check before actual execution. So you may set up a cronjob with -p option which will show the preview of actual execution. Then you may remove it and put the actual sync command in cron.


Thanks & Regards,

Chirag Parikh.