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How HPE is supporting education and learning through the Covid-19 pandemic

Schools, universities and other education establishments have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Affecting hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across the country, learning suddenly has had to take on a new structure and form with very little warning. With exams cancelled, schools closed and remote learning introduced, it is imperative that students can still access their education securely, and that teachers are able to easily provide that learning.

Providing a virtual education

Like many industries, working has shifted online, with teachers adapting their lessons to deliver them remotely. Their role has become one of supporting and facilitating home learning to a diverse range of households, with the knowledge that parents have to prioritise their own work whilst acting as teacher to a variety of age groups and ability levels. There is also a varying range of tech available – some households don’t even own a computer, and others will only have one to share between students and parents. This variable landscape only makes it more difficult for the teachers to provide an education.

After the initial shock of having to facilitate home learning and attempting to share files any way they could, schools looked for secure platforms to provide a clear and simple avenue to allow teachers and students to interact. With concerns over the security of some video chat apps, an evident need for a reliable and secure solution became apparent. HPE MyRoom is a simple and straightforward collaboration and meeting solution, perfect for students and teachers to securely join a single room. With screen sharing, file sharing, voting, video facility, live chat and more, HPE MyRoom provides a secure way for teachers to stay in touch and support their classes. We know both teachers and students are missing each other equally, and HPE MyRoom can help connect classes once again.

For schools looking to access their existing network remotely, Aruba offers Remote Access Points to extend the school network to a home or remote location, this enables teachers to continue delivering education securely and efficiently. For access to school resources, a Virtual Intranet Agent (VIA) is easy to deploy and provides a secure remote network connectivity.

Supporting remote education into the future

It is evident that Covid-19 has changed the learning landscape, however it has provided an opportunity to re-evaluate how learning is delivered now and into the future. Universities are a major industry for the UK, and with modelling showing a risk to fee income of £6.9 billion from international students, it is clear that proactive support and innovation is vital to keep this industry alive and thriving. Online education provides resilience to schools, colleges and universities, and technology to facilitate remote learning will transform the education sector.


We’ve seen some universities close their doors completely in the short-term, concerned about the rise in threats to cyber security, as well as rising costs – the sector is facing £790m losses from accommodation catering and conference income. However universities and colleges that already provide remote and online courses have really come into their own. Of course, not a lot has changed for them, but they have shown that they are ready to teach, wherever their students may be, and the task of recruiting students has become far less of a challenge as people seek out online learning. Their tech and processes are already smooth and easy to access, and schools and colleges who are struggling to retain and attract new students may well begin to adopt these tried and tested approaches, looking to invest in solutions to allow students to access their learning remotely.

We are fortunate that there is technology that we can harness and develop to support students, and that we do have ways of connecting with them. Had this pandemic struck 30 years ago, we may find ourselves in a very different situation. We now need to move fast to make that tech work for us efficiently, to connect with students and provide the education they expect and deserve.

HPE offers a range of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to facilitate remote working, along with remote connectivity, data storage and remote management solutions. You can find out more about these in our main Covid-19 support blog.

Increasing collaboration is important and we recognise that HPE can play a part in transforming the education landscape. We’re helping universities to carry out research, and have signed the Open COVID Pledge, granting free access to all of our patented technologies for the purposes of diagnosing, preventing, containing and treating Covid-19.

How HPE Financial Services can help

With uncertainty over future income, finance and balancing budgets are major concerns for the education sector. HPE Financial Services offer advice and solutions to help address some of the most urgent issues as well as planning ahead. We understand the importance of spending wisely to ensure that solutions support you well into the future, beyond the current crisis. We can defer payments, provide short term rentals, extend deployment, offer pre-owned tech to fill gaps and help you release capital from existing technology as well as offering flexibility in financing subscriptions and affordable leasing terms. We also offer HPE GreenLake, a suite of complete IT solutions that are delivered on a pay-per-use basis. This can help you manage your capital whilst attracting and supporting your students now and into the future.


If you’re interested in finding out more about any of our solutions, want any more detail on anything mentioned in this blog, or need advice from our experts, please get in touch here.

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