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HPE Discover Virtual Experience: Catch our OEM sessions LIVE for a unique & engaging experience


We are just a month away from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)'s biggest annual customer event- HPE Discover Virtual Experience - that goes virtual for the very first time amidst the uncertain times in our world. This year, we are Here to Help. As we bring HPE Discover Virtual Experience to you, the event, kicking off June 23, will be a totally immersive, innovative and valuable digital experience to help our OEM customers navigate their business model through this changing world. This year, our OEM initiatives aim to bring the latest innovations, experiences and case studies deployed by HPE and our customers to life.

HPE Discover Virtual Experience will feature a host of live & on-demand sessions, demos and training designed to help you and your organization grow your business now and be best positioned for the challenges of tomorrow. Catch up on these OEM session highlights LIVE on June 23rd. 

Hear from WW OEM VP Phil Cutrone on why you should register for HPE Discover Virtual Experience and build your agenda with HPE OEM Solutions:


Register here and make sure you build your Discover Virtual Event around these agenda topics!

OEM Demos

  • CFN#D207 Synamedia: Ideas are easy but innovation is hard. If you want to integrate technology into your OEM innovation, selecting the right partner can be the difference between short-lived progress and long-lasting success. Learn how HPE OEM Solutions has partnered with Synamedia to provide a transformative entertainment experience for its customers. At HPE OEM, we transform innovation into enduring success.


  • CFN#D209 Lunit: In today's interconnected world of IoT, health diagnostic and data-driven medicine are the new standards of care. HPE OEM Solutions is partnering with Lunit towards state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that is devoted to conquering cancer and advancing medical intelligence to the next level. Come hear how our HPE OEM Solutions allow you to focus on the development of real-world solutions for your customers.


  • CFN# D212 Superloop CyberHound: We enable our OEM partners to refocus their energy from operations to innovations. Our dedicated HPE OEM Solutions team has partnered with Superloop's CyberHound division to further their position as a leader in network security, control and management for school application. Learn more about how HPE OEM Solutions can provide a successful platform to partner with your OEM solutions.


Here are more sessions that are available for attending!

CFN#B219 Delivering HPE OEM Initiatives' as a Service

As business models evolve and industries look at new ways of consuming services & solutions, HPE GreenLake offers your business the flexibility to scale up & down as needed. GreenLake is an as-a-service offering that delivers on-demand capacity and planning, combining the agility and economics of the public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT. Hear how you could benefit from increased control and flexibility and lower TCO with all the benefits of HPE OEM Solutions.

CFN#F220 Implementing Transformative Solutions from World-class HPE OEM Technology

HPE OEM Solutions give partners immediate access to our full product portfolio. 24/7 OEM exclusive support line, extensive supply chain network and industry expertise, all available from design to deployment and beyond. Come see the details around transformative, complex integrated solutions from real OEM customers, illustrating HPE OEM Technology solutions that apply across virtually any vertical market platform.

CFN#B217 OEM solutions at the Edge – Delivering HPE technology to drive innovation

One of the fastest growing areas of technology innovation today is outside the datacenter. Hear how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is bringing the Edge to life for OEM customers. Provide your business with early, actionable insight and provide new services to your customers by deploying enterprise technology closer to where the data is created.


HPE Discover Virtual Experience will be unique and engaging, empowering participants with knowledge and insights in a live and virtual format.

Stay tuned for more Discover updates and additional details around HPE OEM Solutions offerings at the show in upcoming blog articles.

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