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HPE Cloud Volumes: Effortless, secure cloud data services for your SMB. Try it for free!

Our enterprise-grade multicloud storage services are ideal for small and midsized businesses – and now you can take advantage of these special offers.

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SMBs are traversing uncertain terrain. But what is certain is that small and midsized businesses are pushing to recover and adjust to the rapidly changing environment. They are adapting their IT infrastructure during a time when there’s a heightened risk of ransomware and newly exposed data vulnerabilities – and at the same time tackling the challenge of preserving cash to maintain business continuity.

SMBs can meet these goals with a hybrid cloud approach. But security and cost are major concerns for SMBs when looking to leverage the scalability of the public cloud. They want to protect their data in the cloud, but they want to avoid paying exorbitant fees if they need to bring data back from the cloud to on-prem.

HPE Cloud Volumes is the answer, offering an effortless, secure, and efficient solution. HPE Cloud Volumes is a suite of cloud data services that enable multi-cloud flexibility while delivering encrypted backups invisible to ransomware, eliminating costly egress fees and providing pay-as-you-go pricing.

We recently announced HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a cloud backup service that allows you to start backing up to the cloud in minutes. This service is plug-and-play; it changes where – not how – you do backup, because it integrates with your favourite backup software. See the short introductory video HPE Cloud Volumes Backup: Cloud Backup Done Right at the end of this post.

We understand how challenging it can be right now to address your unpredictable storage needs. To help you meet those needs, we’re excited to offer the following promotions for our HPE Cloud Volumes services – now through April 30, 2021:

 Offer #1: 10 TiB of free capacity per month for 90 days*

That’s right. This is a no-risk, no commitment, free use of everything HPE Cloud Volumes has to offer – including HPE Cloud Volumes Backup – with 10 TiB of free capacity per month for 90 days.

To start taking advantage of this offer, simply reach out to your sales rep for an HPE Cloud Volumes account. Then, log into your account to easily provision your needed storage volumes, connect them to your on-premises storage, and optionally point them to your compute from any public cloud. You can then easily start migrating data to HPE Cloud Volumes, extending data protection, and running new enterprise applications in a matter of minutes.

What if you only need HPE Cloud Volumes for a short period of time? No problem at all. Just discontinue the service, and you can repatriate your data, without any egress fees. Our goal is to make it easy so you can readily meet your business needs.

Offer #2: $3,500 (USD) credit toward each qualified subscription*

With HPE Cloud Volumes, you have the option to pay for the service either monthly, based on your usage, or through a prepaid subscription service. This second promotional offer gives you $3,500 (USD) of additional credit if you purchase a qualified prepaid subscription. If you’re new to HPE Cloud Volumes, you can start with one qualified subscription and get $3500 of credit added to your account.

In addition, you can bundle either or both of these offers with our current HPE Cloud Volumes promotion: For each new subscription purchased, customers will receive up to 20% of their purchase price in free usage credits. That’s a lot of free cloud storage!

HPE is here to help

Here at HPE, we think data and storage should be the least of your concerns today, and we hope these offers will make it a bit easier to deal with the unpredictable demands you may have for storage during this time.

To learn more about HPE Cloud Volumes and to start taking advantage of the promotion, check out the flyer and field guide

Here’s a quick video intro to HPE Cloud Volumes Backup:

For a deeper dive into HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, check out our Chalk Talk video: Introducing HPE Cloud Volumes Backup.

* Applies to all geographies.  See flyer for details

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